For over 159 years, BCB International Ltd has built up unique knowledge and experience in developing life-saving and protective equipment for those operating hundreds and thousands of miles away in often challenging environments. We are now a leading global supplier and manufacturer of life-saving equipment.  BCB’s experience means you can be assured that you are getting quality and proven products that meet the highest possible standards.

Very few companies can match BCB’s product range, capabilities, experience and reach.  BCB’s past and future are rooted in the Military sector. BCB’s insight and understanding of the modern soldier’s needs enables it to add value for its customers.

In a world facing an uncertain future you can be certain that BCB’s team and resources stand ready to support you.


Global Reach

Supporting the Armed Forces is part of BCB’s DNA. Ever since it developed cough medicine for British troops fighting in the Crimean war, generations of elite and security forces around the world have benefited from BCB’s rapid bespoke solutions to help  them meet their increasingly compressed operational tempo.  Maximizing the modern soldier’s comfort, survivability and operational performance is what our products are all about.


BCB is an established leading global supplier and manufacturer of live-saving specialist equipment. Today it trades in 96 countries across 6 continents. To keep pace with its expanding role, over the last couple of years BCB has set up manufacturing facilities and associated support offices in America, India and the Far East.  This means that BCB has the capacity to swiftly deliver large orders throughout the world. It is this growing capacity that has ensured that for many decades BCB has successfully delivered urgent operational requirements to Government Agencies and Global companies around the globe


Behind each product are many years of tireless care and attention to quality. BCB International Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 approved company and continues to strive to deliver the products you require at or above your quality standards.

With its 150 seamstresses and computerized cutting, BCB’s Heavy textile stitching facility in the Far East has turned BCB into a leader in rapidly prototyping solutions tailored to the customers’ needs.