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Summer BBQs


Welcome to our home of roaring fires thanks to FireDragon solid firelighters

We believe in clean living and clean fires.

FireDragon is the world’s first solid bio-ethanol fuel dubbed the Firelighter of the Future.

There is no other fuel like it on the market. Whether in driving rain, the freezing arctic or searing heat, the fuel will perform in extreme conditions.

🔥 Lights easily & instantly 🔥 Highest performance 🔥 Protects the environment 🔥

🔥Safe for your family 🔥Won’t taint your food (non-toxic) 🔥 100% natural 🔥

🔥Burns brilliantly clear 🔥 Smoke free 🔥 Odourless 🔥No more dirty grills.🔥
🇬🇧 Made in Britain

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Join the FireDragon Team.

If you would like to stock FireDragon in your store, or work with us in some way please email: with the subject line "Join FireDragon's Team"

We already work with some amazing companies and would love to work with you too!

If you would like more information we can give you access to our members page. Just email and ask! 

We hope to hear from you soon.

The FireDragon Team